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Mural Pricing

Thank you so much for your interest in mural work! This page is intended to help you anticipate needs for your project and get a general idea of cost.  Please feel free to send me any questions you may have along the way. I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.

General Mural Info and Pricing

Mural costs vary based on the following factors:

Quality of Materials used (spray paint, latex paint, clear coats, primers/sealers)

Equipment Needs (i.e. scaffolding, lift, masking materials, sprayers, etc.)

Complexity of design (i.e. amount of detail, texture, number of colors, style, size, etc.)

Average mural costs range from $12-$70/ sq. ft. of the area being painted and depends on location, texture, and detail.

Low Detail $12-15/sq. ft.

Medium Detail $15-30/sq. ft.

High Detail $30+/sq. ft.

The cost for your particular project can better be determined after we’ve discussed the size and complexity of your design. Contact us for your free consultation!

Specialty Faux & Canvas Artwork, contact us for pricing.

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